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Missing Company 2te Säule Pension

Hi all,

I'm having a bit of a nightmare trying to track down some pension money. My employment history is as follows
Credit Suisse - 5 years
Tresag (agency) - 1 year
Bosshard (agency) - 5 years
Julius Baer - thereafter

Now, I know when I left CS, I had some - not a huge amount, but certainly enough to chase up - company pension accrued. I know when I left, they transferred it to the TRESAG pension scheme. This is where it gets interesting.
I know that Bosshard transferred the pension I accrued there to my current employer's pension fund, so as far as I am concerned, I currently have my full Bosshard and JB funds inside the JB pension scheme - lovely stuff.

However, the CS & Tresag component is missing from this sum. Here's the kicker - TRESAG have been liquidated, so I can't find out who their pensionskasse was with and I can't contact their HR etc to find out how I can access it and move it to my JB pot (easier if I consolidate them all in one place).

Any ideas how I can find this missing chunk of pension - it is 6 years worth, so a big chunk of my working life here.

Thanks in advance,
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