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Re: Gossip about British Television Shows, Soaps and Series

The last few eps of the old producer are shown now and finally EE will pick up again.....hopefully.

Sean Slater (aka eye candy) will come back, but most of all I am looking forward to a short stint of Mary the Punk and Lofty!! They'll attend the funeral of Dr. Legg later in February.

Also Lola Pearce will return (granddaughter of Billy Mitchell and mother of Billy's great-grandkid resp. Filth Mitchell's grandkid)

Hints are dropping left, right and centre that Vincent Fox will also come back (from the death?) Dirty Den's storyline anyone??

Oh, and Ben Mitchell is now the runner up to all the incarnations of Dr.Who....he's been re-cast for the umpteenth time and will return to the soap later in spring.

Also rumoured to show her head again is female badass Janine Butcher

And last but not least, there'll be a new gay club opening on the Square sometime in 2019, with the show set to expand their LGBTQ representation.