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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

The article only suggests that the trade agreements will roll over UNLESS there's a no deal. Is that the point you are making? I thought you were on the "no deal" side of things?
I don't read it like that, just that a deal will result in less time pressure to finalise the roll-over agreements.

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Desperate indeed, and the irony is that they could always sign their own trade deals with customs union partners. Others have...

The article also contradicts this statement:

"“Some of them are challenging, one or two are even more than challenging - they are close to impossible,” he added, citing Turkey as one such difficult country as it is part of a customs union with the European Union."

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Oh, if it was only the "Euroscepticism" we were talking about. No, you can't shove "Europe" down some people's throat. But far-right parties and fascist doctrines will never solve any issue either, be it economical, social or whatever.

How ironic everything is. We're talking about less Europe - some expats living a nice, sheltered life in Switzerland.....
To clarify I mean the EU, which Switzerland does very well out of not being a member of.

The far-right isn't the cause, it's the symptom. You want rid of the far-right? Then treat the cause.
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