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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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You've posted a clip of a right-wing TV presenter espousing a view that is contrary to that of the current Australian government, offering nonsensical opinions on the right way forward for the UK ("free movement of people earning high salaries, but not for those seeking welfare!") that she expects to be reciprocated by the EU—again, without the backing of the current Australian government. So this is a person stating her own dissenting, unqualified and implementable ideas about Brexit, on national TV, without any intervention by the government (or anybody else).

Remind me, how does this support your view that Australia has less press freedom than the UK? Or did you just decide to post random, irrelevant garbage again?

Australia 12, Loz 0, and it's not even half time yet.
Where did I say Australia has less press freedom than the UK? Are you making stuff up again? Or are you talking to someone else? Weird.

Anyway, I've fixed your post for you. Previous Australian leaders have a far more positive view on Brexit.
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