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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

Not crying if you lose it and wishing you lose it are two very different things.

Welcome folks, to Brexiteer reading comprehension skills.

P.S. despite our differences, I certainly hope you and everyone else on the Brexit side doesn't lose their job or suffer. I hope Britain thrives too, but I can't see it happening, sadly. There's no sense being a cnt about it though, good will to all in the real world, despite our cyber-fights.
My reading comprehension skills are perfectly fine. The questions you should be asking yourself is why anyone would want bring this up as a topic in the first place?

It's irrelevant anyhow. I've not had a proper job for years - the Russians pay top dollar for me to spout shite all over the internet.

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You do realize Loz did not vote.

Although as someone who lives and works overseas you would think he might have had a broader perspective of the EU then your average Daily Mail reader.
Correction, I certainly did vote in the referendum. I didn't however vote for any of the 650 earwax testicles who have been landed with the job of carrying out the result.
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