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I think it was sufficient to still have been on a UK electoral roll less than 15 years previous to 2016 to secure a vote in the referendum. I left more than 15 years before the referendum, yet still got a vote.
From Wiki:
British citizens living abroad may vote in UK general elections, referendums and European Parliament elections for up to 15 years after leaving the UK. However, they may only do so if they were registered to vote in the UK while living there. British expatriates who were under 18 at the time of leaving the UK may vote as long as their parent or guardian was registered to vote in the UK.

British expatriates are not allowed to vote in local elections or in elections for the devolved Scottish Parliament or Welsh or Northern Irish Assemblies.[50]

In February 2018, the Overseas Electors Bill was presented to Parliament, with a view to abolishing the 15-year limit and the requirement to have registered to vote before leaving the UK. This would grant all British expatriates the unlimited right to vote, as long as they have lived in the UK at some point in their lives.[51][52] The issue became a hotly debated topic among British expatriates who have lived in other EU Member States for more than 15 years and were thus barred from voting in the referendum on European Union membership, despite arguably being more affected by the result than British people living in the UK.
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