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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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I think it was sufficient to still have been on a UK electoral roll less than 15 years previous to 2016 to secure a vote in the referendum. I left more than 15 years before the referendum, yet still got a vote.
I've heard cases like this so many times now.

I was alerted to the voter database not being up to date when I received two votes myself. One was a postal vote in Switzerland, the other a physical ballot paper at my former UK home and in my old married name, even though I'd moved my vote to a new UK address in 2014. I was honest and called the local electoral helpline number and didn't have to go into much detail with them as it was my best mate's wife who answered, and she knows my entire 'history'. She freely admits that the helpline was swamped with calls from people who hadn't received their ballot, or had received multiple ballots in different names, particularly from women who received forms in their married and maiden names.

The most disturbing case I've heard is from someone who only lived in the UK for a shade over 2yrs, has never held a British passport or residency, yet still received a postal vote in Switzerland several years after leaving the UK. WTAF?!!!

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I agree, I can't believe so many people actually voted 'Remain'!
Besides the emotional responses I could rattle on about (close friends and family with EU partners/spouses/children, including myself, and the dozens of friends who've seen their jobs shipped over to the continent), I've worked full time in 3 industries over the last 30yrs. All 3 stood to be heavily impacted by Brexit without any shadow of a doubt.

My decision was 100% clear and absolute from day 1, and nothing that has happened in the interim has changed my opinion.

My partner's No.1 concern all along, was passporting rights in the financial sector, even though if we still lived together in the UK, he would be one of the people having to register to stay.

Barclays is preparing to pull the trigger on no-deal Brexit plans to shift assets worth £166bn (€190bn) to its Irish division as it "cannot wait any longer" amid continuing political uncertainty, a High Court judgment has revealed.The plans were drawn up by the bank in case of a no-deal scenario which would see UK financial services firms losing "passporting" rights that allow them to provide services across Europe.
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