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Re: Do you still have a bidet?

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Fully aware that they cause problems. Our house's drain is also for three other houses, so not a problem here. The clogging (blocking of their filters) you speak of occurs only at the local sewage works. It's a huge problem, I know, including here. I think most people simply flush them. In the end they are all flushable whether marked flushable or not. Since the problem only occurs later on and is not visible to the user, it's very difficult to get people to change their habits. Convenience first etc.
What's worse of course is when people flush nappies, as they are much bigger and there they are risking clogging their own facilities. With wipes there isn't really this risk.
Feuchttücher bitte nicht in die Toilette werfen

(Don't throw wet wipes in the toilet).
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