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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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No, there are other ways. I applied for a postal vote from Switzerland as I knew that you could still vote if you were on an electoral roll in the UK (or had still been in the preceding 15 years). The fact that I had left more than 15 years before, became, in this instance largely irrelevant.

The address where I was still on an electoral roll was a student house and after moving, the next residents obviously never filled anything in to update the records. I still distinctly remember in 3 different student houses filling in the forms myself and 'cleaning' up the records by deleting names of people that had moved on. Clearly at one address, nobody did this for several years long after I myself had left, hence me and others staying on it.

The UK electoral roll system is very sloppy. You can be registered at several addresses or simply remain on the electoral roll decades after having left or even having passed away.
I worked with marketing and market research data in the 1990s in the UK for a time and we used, in part, the electoral roll. I still remember a telephone call with a woman who very angrily told me that the woman I was looking for had died 20 years previous. I politely explained that we had the details from the electoral roll and that the woman was still on it. The woman on the phone said she had only taken over the phone number and had not lived at the address of the deceased woman so couldn't (or refused to) do anything about it.

Nobody from my old UK address needed to forward me anything for me to be able to vote.
The website for this at the time made it clear that voting was possible in these circumstances. Nothing was mentioned about where you were legally residing.

My application based on that old address was accepted by the local UK authority and as such, like any sensible person, I exercised my right to vote 'Leave', naturally.
Maybe I am still on an electoral roll somewhere, I lived at multiple addresses in the UK and Iím pretty sure I didnít remove myself from them so if nobody else did I am still there.

We registered as overseas voters before there were any online options for anything so it was impossible to fudge the issue.

I wonder how many other leave voters were like you and were technically not entitled to vote.
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