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Re: Do you still have a bidet?

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Presumably though a lot of people would then object to this for at least three reasons.
Firstly the smell, which is more or less eliminated immediately if you flush the wipes/stuff.
Secondly, the hassle of having to store it all until rubbish collection day.
Thirdly, you would then have to pay extra to throw it away, since I doubt it can be classed as organic material and be recycled in with kitchen and garden waste (although I suppose there's nothing stopping you from putting it in there). It ought to go in the ordinary rubbish.
You can dispose of nappies as ordinary rubbish (i.e. in the taxed sacks or with the labels) so bagged up baby-wipes should be no issue.

I'm sure people throw all sorts of things down the toilet, either through ignorance or bloody-mindedness. In London they are spending tax-payers' money on sorting the problem out so, indirectly, everyone pays for it in the end.
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