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Re: Do you still have a bidet?

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Fully aware that they cause problems. Our house's drain is also for three other houses, so not a problem here at building level. The clogging (blocking of their filters) you speak of occurs only at the local sewage works. It's a huge problem, I know, including here. I think most people simply flush them. In the end they are all flushable whether marked flushable or not. Since the problem only occurs later on and is not visible to the user, it's very difficult to get people to change their habits. Convenience first etc.
What's worse of course is when people flush nappies, as they are much bigger and there they are risking clogging their own facilities. With wipes there isn't really this risk.
So are you saying that you flush your baby wipes down the toilet?

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Of course. But a one-off article in a newspaper isn't going to change people's habits.
And this is not the actions of a few individuals causing this problem. It's the fact that most people flush a lot of stuff down the toilet for convenience as it's a cheap and easy way to get rid of stuff, including and especially baby wipes as they are used in the bathroom.
Another way has to be found to stop people doing it.
Even if only a few people stop doing it it will make a difference.

You’re right that there needs to be a better way of stopping people from doing it as the longer it goes on the bigger the problems will be.

You can dispose of nappies as ordinary rubbish (i.e. in the taxed sacks or with the labels) so bagged up baby-wipes should be no issue.

I'm sure people throw all sorts of things down the toilet, either through ignorance or bloody-mindedness. In London they are spending tax-payers' money on sorting the problem out so, indirectly, everyone pays for it in the end.
And generally speaking baby wipes are used at the same time as the nappies so are usually bagged up and put in the rubbish together.
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