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Re: Do you still have a bidet?

You can dispose of nappies as ordinary rubbish (i.e. in the taxed sacks or with the labels) so bagged up baby-wipes should be no issue.

I'm sure people throw all sorts of things down the toilet, either through ignorance or bloody-mindedness. In London they are spending tax-payers' money on sorting the problem out so, indirectly, everyone pays for it in the end.
I think here it is the fact that you have to pay extra to throw them away that is the problem and so there is no incentive not to flush them.
Once the stuff is all clogged up at the sewage works it isn't possible to tell who is doing it as so many are.

Exactly. In London/UK etc. I really can't understand it, as they don't have to pay extra to dispose of them. So yes those who are doing it there are simply doing it out of habit and convenience. Some will say this is ridiculous, others will disagree.
People have been doing it for so long now that it'll be really difficult to get them to change their ways.
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