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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

How is it propaganda? Are you saying that the EU funding of the roads is factually incorrect? Or that Scotland is often underfunded because of its distance from Westminster?
these kind of comments piss me off no end, I come from the S.E and worked in London, but as part of my side lines had to travel all over the UK, and to everyone who says London / the S.E get most of the cash I say this, instead of just repeating what the papers tell you get off your arse and have a look!! the S.E have the worst trains and roads by a mile!! the trains are massively over crowded and eye wateringly expensive, not to mention the worst punctuality, our hospitals are constantly in 'special measures' and our police have some of the worst clear up rates in the country - if they even bother to come out to a crime.

Take a train upto that london in rush hour, go on, maybe from one of the towns in kent, oh that's right, you can't as its so expensive your dole money won't cover it, oh and don't park in a station carpark if you value your car.

Ok then drive, good luck with that, paid the congestion charge? the dartford toll? oh and parking - LOL not a chance.

Our roads are terrible, falling apart, no one is willing to spend anything on infrastructure. Scotland and wales get totally free prescriptions, free uni hell even free hospital car parking, we get none of that.

The S.E is the uk's cash cow, yet the rest of the country seem to think we all live in mansions, drive ferrari's and drink champagne all day, and like to shout loudly about it to anyone who'll listen while collecting their tax credits.

Now to top it all off because you f***wits voted leave the whole of the S.E is going to become one big gridlocked lorry park, which no doubt southerners will also get the blame for.

and breath.
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