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Anyone out there an expert on Swiss electrical regs? I have a house from about 1970 with a few electrical issues. It has a 48kw 3ph supply, no fewer than 30 MCBs in the main panel, 15 more ground floor and 7 more upstairs. Iíve been replacing some with dual pole RCBOs and found a few issues. Some shared neutrals (probably from additions over time) and a couple of outside outlets with ground directly wired to neutral with a factory bridge. Pretty horrific. Is that still considered acceptable? Also nothing is labelled and there is no consistency to the colours.

All these seemed to pass inspection. What exactly are the rules on older installations and on who is permitted to make modifications/improvements to them?

Garage, greenhouse, grotto, outdoor circuits all seem pretty sub par.
- Colors non consistent could be due to diff generations of rulings in one installations.
- Only certified people are allowed to make changes to an installation (or people under the guidance of a certified person), even if law might be more flexible your insurance is not.
- Sharing neutral? incoming or outgoing side? And for 230V or 400V usage?
- Ground directed to neutral, I personally would not find that acceptable since a failure elsewhere might put full amps on a housing of a machine/lamp.

As usual it is very hard to guide somebody over the net without seeing the installation, given what you do and your questions get an electrician in, ask him/her what to do, do this yourself and have the electrician certify your installation afterwards. Your insurance will give you a problem if they know you have messed around yourself (which they only find out the moment you want their money.) And you asking these questions tells me you should not mess around in the cabinet yourself.
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