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Re: Electrical standards

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I am just trying to work through the regulation again.
We have definitely just signed a sale agreement where it specifically states that it is our (the sellers) responsibility to get the inspection done -this would make sense to me -why would the buyer be responsible for the state of the electrics?
Anyway the cost is minimal with regard to the cost of the house -just after ten years I would not expect a Swiss installation to need further inspection -I guess they just want to check that no non-compliant alterations have been made
Of course the cost is low compared to the house itself, but it is still something extra. I don't know if you are purchasing another property at the same time. If you are, check your contract there to see if you are also responsible for that one's inspection as well!

We have bought and sold two properties in CH and both times it was the buyer's responsibility. The other party did not have any issues with this, presumably as it's considered fairly standard procedure. This is the first time I have heard that the seller has to do it to be honest.

I would think that is logical that the buyer is responsible. It is the buyer who is going to live there or going to be renting it out to people, so long-term they have the responsibility of its current and ongoing state and safety. Whereas the seller merely sells the property (ordinarily) 'as is'.
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