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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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I got some ways to go before becoming Lord.

I say - just, please, don't believe the bus! Under any circumstance! And toothpaste commercials, either! And those antiwrinkle creams suck, too! they say.
But the point is. many, 1000s did believe it- because they have seen how the NHS has been struggling, they have experienced it- themselves, their families-and they are desperate to see the NHS survive. Yes, older people, vulnerable people in the poorest areas of the UK.

And because the lies were not peddled by dodgy second-hand car dealers- but those they should be able to trust, elected Politicians and Ministers- who are expected to behave better. The belittling of any experts are 'project fear'.

But as said, it was also the fraud, the proven foreign interference and illegal funding, the bribes paid to the DUP and now we know, large business investors, and so much more. And with such a tiny minority, and now consequences clear, it is now a totally different proposition.
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