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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Still, the helpless people were ruthlessly misled in the Brexit referendum. The poor, the blind, the old, the limp, the blind, the deaf: all were misled.
The believed in a country of unicorns and fairies, a non-EU walhalla, a paradise on earth but got the snake from Adam and Eve.

Maybe better that they wouldn't be allowed to vote at all.
Well, once you clear away your hyperbole , the flipside to that is that everyone, without exception, was totally clear on how the UK would leave the EU and all the implications as soon as they put their X on the ballot paper.

Although I don't remember too many column inches in the press (pro or contra Brexit) before June 2016 pointing out the current red lines, road blocks and general mess.

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I lived in the UK.

How much of an opinion would think-police allow me to have?

I hang out with some unicorns there. And I am a fairy.

Have an opinion by all means, but accept that we're not all going to agree with FMF or Loz.

You don't have to start a "who lived in the UK" competition to do that.
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