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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

Are you being deliberately obtuse? I have plainly and clearly stated that I disagree with much of what I read posted on that forum. I have also never suggested that anyone here should agree with what people are saying there.

Again, for the hard of thinking: lots of people, both in newspapers and here on EF, have tried to explain why people voted for Brexit. Rather than listen to second-hand opinions, I have gone and read what Brexit voters are saying in their own words.

I thought, perhaps, that people might be interested in seeing what I have learnt there.

Obviously I was wrong.
Yep, you were.

What you have done, at least according to your earlier post, is gone on to one forum. The people on there are self-selected and, if it is so dominant pro-Brexit as you say, forum mechanics will tend to drive the participants to agree with each other on fundamentals. In particular the very fact that they are active on that forum is a strong indicator that they are likely to be more informed than the general population.

Basic statistics will easily tell you that that you see there is wholly unreliable as any sort of guide to what the mass of people are thinking or what their Brexit motivations. If you really want to know about that you need to start with a controlled, randomised survey representative of the whole population. Difficult for any individual to achieve.

FWIW, my UK friends are London or Scotland based, all are (or were as some are now retired) "working people", are also well informed and are Remain to a man/woman.
You live and learn. At any rate, you live.
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