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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

My point is that rather than listening to what Polly Toynbee and people on EF say people are thinking and saying, we should listen to what the people themselves are saying - and what they are saying, in my experience, is not what Polly Toynbee and people on EF are saying they're saying.

Any clearer?
I'm in Switzerland because of the prospect of the EU Referendum. My partner came home from a night shift, after watching a tv debate about the prospect of a refendum in work, and said he had a bad feeling about it all. He wanted to leave the country and asked me to leave with him. The people on his international team of colleagues, were all nervous about it.

Between September 2016 and June 2018, I spent over 6mths in the UK, and entirely in a town that is resolutely Labour and Leave. Yet if I say what I heard and saw there, it's fobbed off as anecdotal. Twice, I literally threw tradesmen out of my home there. They were only invited to quote for work, but went off on one about Brexit. One told my OH "You speak good English for a foreigner" then told me "You don't want gas fires cos these foreigners don't know how to use them". A third guy phoned back with his quote but said he didn't want to work for me because my partner is a foreigner. I was stunned that he went to the trouble of phoning back.

Again, for the hard of thinking: lots of people, both in newspapers and here on EF, have tried to explain why people voted for Brexit. Rather than listen to second-hand opinions, I have gone and read what Brexit voters are saying in their own words.

I thought, perhaps, that people might be interested in seeing what I have learnt there.

Obviously I was wrong.
I still log onto the website for my hometown local rag in the UK, at least once a week (it's a hard habit to break). The comments sections have been littered with Leave voters diatribes for over 2yrs now. I only have to read Lisa Nandy's twitter feed to get a feel of the town. She's walking a knife edge of being elected on an anti-austerity Labour platform but enacting the Leave vote of her constituents. She still gets regular abuse for standing up against Corbyn in 2016, with added derision from Leave voters who don't trust her to do their bidding. She can't win, but still does her best to appease all sides whilst doing the job she was elected to do.

On the flipside, the town where my vote is registered (last place of residence in the UK), is resolutely Conservative and Remain, yet the local Conservative MP is an avid Leaver.
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