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Re: The sorry show of Ken Livingstone

"By Livingstone's actions, he's antisemitic."

yeah right. HIS ACTIONS ?? What's this nonsense oh come on? There are no actions . ?

Perhaps historians could do some work and clear out some important information from the 2 WW .. there are many theories, about this or that , and so what ? big deal . Even jews are questioning the same issues which have happened in the past .. So, I do think how everyone should grow up a little bit and face the reality .. historical events , interpretations will always be there and this is in no way a huge problem as they're trying to rub it under our nose .

It's more like a bone actually, thrown to some hungry dogs (us) so we can fight over it and prove each other who's better or smthg?? Meanwhile, ton of extremely important issues, concerning us all , is passing by .. and here we are, like some obedient sheep... for important issues >> we trust our institutions .. mainly beacause even when we know how there's a huge game involving the elite, corruption, connections,interests ...

being bombarded with this makeup info here we are, getting our anger on whaT KEN Livingstone said about Venezuela , and totally silent and obedient on seriosly important subjects since, the media hasnt designated who's the bad guy we're assuming there is probably no one and everything (still)functions correctly . (yeah sure)
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