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I was watching a game last Saturday in German and the commentator made a comment that now there is also English commentary. I looked around and still can't figure out how to get the English commentary.

They show almost every game but not all live. On Saturdays for example, they will show the early and late matches live, and 1 of the afternoon ones (as there will be a few games at the same time). What was not shown live will be shown as a delayed telecast starting at 11pm the same day. Most of the games of the top-6 clubs will be shown either live or delayed at 11pm. From the next day onwards, you can also choose between a match highlights reel (about 5 minutes) or the full match.

If I recall correctly in the previous season, I only had to resort to Match of the Day about 5-8 times to watch my favourite team. Not bad for a 38 game season.

This year the FA cup is also live. Last night's Everton match was shown live, as well as the RM-Barcelona and also an FA cup match.
Would be interested to see if you were able to find English commentaries for anything. They tweeted to tell me that the Superbowl was available in ENG and DEU - I dunno if you can check on catchup somehow and see how they present the separate commentaries for it?
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