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Re: Plumbing issues in a rental flat...who pays?

It's part of the structure, so surely should not be your responsibility. And a leaking pipe is absolutely not normal maintenance.

Is it a water pipe or waste? If the latter then you may be able to simply tighten it up by hand, but even so I'd expect it be the landlord's responsibility, not yours.
There is actually no place to even tighten it. It is virtually one pipe placed into a larger pipe moderately tightly. There is a rubber gasket between the two which is a bit warped which might be the issue (though pipes really should be locked onto one another!). I looked for another gasket but didn't want to buy a zillion of them since I only need one. And the one I did buy didn't fit anyway so I had to return it.

I can just caulk it shut maybe. It is very poorly installed. Not being able to actually tighten the pipe is crazy. It has leaked before, but it was so bad this last time that it almost permanently warped the cupboard underneath.

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