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Re: No experience, 30y old. How hard would it be? -serious-

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Absolutely, yes. This however won't be as easy as with formal work experience.

Having an off-work , private portfolio / experience shows good motivation and willingness to learn.

Also, sometimes as a start a internship (3-6) months can help big time - actually I know 2 cases personally of people who re-qualified (but pretty early age wise, below 30) into IT where they started with internship and then things took off.

In case of very junior / grad positions employers are looking (based on my own experience and experience from people I know) for: motivation, willingness to learn and expand, base knowledge, being open minded (to be able to fit the team).

Also, keep in mind that not every team / company is willing to get juniors as it needs to have a right setup.

Also one more note, more and more companies are looking into re-qualification programms like propulsion academy as source for their juniors.

*Disclaimer: I work in IT industry for ~12 years, I did NOT re-qualify. I do hire people (and have been in my last 3 jobs in CH)
A very interesting perspective, I must say. Here I am trying to retrain myself to reenter the job market. Due to budget, I have decided to learn Python online.
I do agree with you that most companies would prefer an applicant with a working knowledge of coding. I have looked at junior positions and most required prior experience.
As for internships, I believe most companies would rather young students. I could wrong. I hope I am wrong.

Retraining is the way to go. Regardless of which field one is in. I am in compliance and I wish to use coding skills (data analysis too) to learn more about financial and tech crime better.
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