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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Itís a good thing youíre in Switzerland then where one has the ability to vote on individual topics that donít follow party lines. And to think there are still people on here who believe that referendums are wrong and that the plebs are too stupid to be trusted to vote on such important matters.

Itís the 21st century, weíre in the Information Age. We donít need politicians to ďrepresentĒ us, we just need more referendums. Parliamentary democracy is dead. If Brexit has shown us anything itís just how party/lobby driven Westminster is and each and every one of 650 of the self serving wankers should be sacked.
I'm very much with you on the representative democracy thing. To my mind, it is always the way to go - the UK's system is hideously outmoded.

I think where we are going to disagree is on the information available to the people. If you have one referendum a generation / lifetime, there's no way you are going to be as au fait with the system and where to gather information from, as if you have about 5 every two months, with nice info packs.

The solution was probably to have a year of regular referenda on minor topics prior to Brexit like how often to put bins out or more cycle lanes etc so people got a feel for it, rather than using adverts on buses for info.

Obv, our parliament is clearly going to be dead against such a revolution as it probably puts them out of a job / curtails their overlord abilities.
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