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Re: Psychiatrist practice in Switzerland

Yes a lot of expats feel depressed at some point in Switzerland !

Probably the best thing to do would be to ask around you,
among friends and acquaintances, although asking here
may get you some friendly recommendations.

I have 2 friends in Switzerland who consulted a psychiatrist or psychologist,
one is a very sweet girl who is bipolar, to me she is normal (just a bit f*-up)I have never seen
her bipolar, I just know she is a drug and alcohol user. But she's been committed (voluntarily)
several times to a hospital as it's frequent here in Switzerland. She told me there are good places
and bad places . I think all those who have gone to a psychiatrist have tried several
before finding the right one, or a good one.
Usually girls tell you about their experience (I guess guys don't talk about going to
a shrink), and I often had discussions about what they do, why and for how long (a long long time usually ) .

From what I heard and things I read, in Switzerland I think you must be aware of a couple things,

- the medical profession doesn't have the same code of conduct as in other countries
and for sure with expats it raises eyebrows, here doctors run a business.
In the case of psychiatrists, they are among the highest earners among medical professionals
(ask yourself why, I believe they get a lot of business from the state but that's not the only reason)

- in case of malpractice, you are out of luck (yes you can go to court but it goes nowhere)
there was even a case of sexual misconduct on vulnerable patients, and the shrink got away with it
(I think he didn't even get his name published so people couldn't know which doctor it was)
There were cases of people being overmedicated, treatment costing thousands per month and so on.
Horror stories !

- but first of all , in case you don't know : psychiatry in Europe and in Switzerland is different from the practice in the
US (the UK?), psychiatry in Europe is generally speaking, how to put it... backward , at least it's not the same as in the US.
But that doesn't explain why Switzerland is the place where there is the most abuses/malpractices (Western world I mean).
Switzerland has always been big on psychiatry, look it up and you'll find many "famous" pioneers of psychiatry were Swiss.
They were eugenicists and saw the emerging field of psychiatry as a way to control society,
and do away with "the low lives". This mindset is still present in today's Switzerland to some extent,
and some groups defending patients have decried the abuses of Swiss psychiatry (obviously this doesn t apply to all practices in Switzerland).
If you are an average patient with a condition that doesn't call for commitment, no worries...
I guess your shrink may push for medication you wouldn't get otherwise and you'll have to keep an
eye on the bills.

Now maybe I have really scared you, but I think there is some bad stuff people need to know, doens't mean you should expect bad things. Above all, try to get several feedbacks from people who consulted, is it a good, nice, understanding person ? That's what I would do I guess .
My feeling is you know this field attracts people for the wrong reasons, psychiatrists have a lot of power over their patients, and when you think that the culture in Switzerland is very much controlling, and often intolerant, and that they think they can never be wrong, you choose your Swiss shrink carefully ! You don't want one who will fleece you or have you committed .
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