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Re: Coop Supercard from Topcard

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I have yet to find a way to contact customer service other than by phone which they want to charge you Fr 1.90 for bothering them. No email or online form.

I got this credit card recently too, and THIS, what you post, is a big bugbear of mine!! I had a bit of trouble setting up the app on the phone. Me too, I searched everywhere to find an email or other means of getting into contact with them. NIX, NADA, Nitchevo.

For a Deafie, such as me, such things are important to be able to lead an independent life.

In the end, I had to ask the Pirate to phone on my behalf ( I think I posted about that too)

Of course they were not able to help me, via him over the, I had to send in a power of attorney, to give him the right to phone them on my behalf....add to that, that this power grants him much more rights than just that. I trust my partner, that is no question, but still it makes me feel uneasy. Knowing that he could, if he would, enquire and find out what I bought with my card , am I in arrears or some such thing.

I am blessed to have such a nice and truistworthy partner doing such things for me.

But, other Deafies, without such help at home....they have to sing the power of attorney for 'Procom' **...where you have to grant that power over your credit card to a stranger.......

Honestly, I think this is big, fat discrimination of handicapped people!!!

*Procom is a service where Deafies can 'call' via their telescrit or chat, the people on the other end, then make a phone call for you and act as intermediary for you. Whilst they talk to the person on the phone, they simultaneously write to the Deafie what's being said. enabling them to get in touch with people/service that have no email or other means for us to get in touch in writing and we can't wait for snail mail.
Of course the employees at Procom have to sign a professional confidentiality form....but still it is a differnece to have to call them to say get a doctors appointment or handing over sensible details in regards to the credit card.

I really don't see why, other than to generate some kind of profit (as the card is free of charges), they cannot even provide an email address for their customer services.
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