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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

As per usual, you conveniently left out a couple of bits of salient information. You are quoting stats for the period 1941-49. There is no agreed figure, but it is between 75-200k, let's say 150k for simplicity's sake. There were 6.4m births in that time, which means as a percentage, births to German fathers are running at about 2.3%, given that presumably many of the women involved probably had multiple births to the same (or maybe even multiple) German fathers, we are looking at 1% or less of all births.

So, you are judging a group by the actions of a small minority of them. Not like you
Now take into consideration the women not stupid enough to get themselves pregnant, the demographic of women who engaged themselves with their new occupiers and the fact that the south of the country wasn't invaded until the very end of 1942. It really happened. Mainly in Paris, but certainly not limited to.

When you have a spare half day go and watch the hard going but worthwhile documentary Le Chargrin et la Pitiť. It tells a story where many of the French, certainly in the early part of the occupation, were only too happy to have the Nazis there. The bottom line is that they had no business having a place at the top table after the war.
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