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Re: Info for nurses looking to work in switzerland.

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Hi! Iím a Canadian registered nurse. I have Swiss citizenship and speak Swiss German. Iím wondering if Switzerland recognizes Canadian baccalaureate nursing degrees or if you have to write a test to be able to work there? Anyone have any tips?
The link provided by Verbier is very detailed about how a foreign qualification is compared to the Swiss ones.

The laws and rules named there are probably online for you to check the Swiss requirements (for nurses qualifying in Switzerland).

My tip is that you gather together as much formal description as you can of the actual content of your study and practical training.

In other words, not just the name of a subject or module, but the syllabus or learning-goals or competencies achieved, through how many hours of school, lectures, group project work, in how many hours per week and weeks per block or semester. Similarly with practical training at what level and with supervision by whom, in teams of what size, how many of which were senior professional nurses. And which responsibilities were transferred to you as you completed (how? Theoretical and practical exams of what nature, structure and duration?). Also how many academic papers of how many words and at what level.

Where such information does not already exist on the website of your university, or of your professional registration body, or was not in handouts issued to you while studying, collect the info and tabulate it yourself (possibly with memory-jogging conversations with your co-students or former lecturers). Then get someone from one of those institutions or a senior nurse or an HR department to stamp and sign your table to certify that it adequately describes the qualification and training you have.

Before you embark on that exercise, I suggest you read the above Swiss rules, so that you can see where/how you can demonstrate that your courses really tick all the boxes at all the levels of what a person qualifying in Switzerland would have to complete.

Good luck!
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