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Re: Salt Fiber Box

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Hi everyone.
Last days I am having some problems with my fiber.
Currently the fiber is really fast as always -it literally max out my Gbit LAN at 950mbit/s during downloads- but happens quite often that the connection goes time-out.
I mean: I click on a link... it loads... loads... nothing happens... if I refresh (or re-click on the link), instant loaded. Sometime takes two or three refresh.
I tried to change DNS, reset everything, nothing changed. Of course I also tried with other browser, and also the mobile gives me the same problem when connected under wifi.

Any clue?

TX: 4.338 dBm
RX: -14.156 dBm
Seems fine.
I am having EXACTLY the same issue since Friday. Everything was great before then. But now, all of a sudden, with no changes anywhere in my setup, I still get great results on speedtest, but when trying to load simple websites it just takes forever. Or sometimes a page opens partially, failing to load some images. Then if I keep retrying once, twice, it works. Same goes for streaming services. It takes forever to start streaming now, and sometimes it just doesn't - but if I keep retrying it eventually starts. Absolutely maddening.

Of course, I did all possible tests, using my Windows PC, a Mac, both connected through ethernet cable to the Salt router, as well as on iPad, all giving the same poor results. However if I switch to the WIFI from my hotspot using my Swisscom mobile, then all the sites and services work perfectly. So it is obviously some problem with the Salt Fiber router, or something that Salt is doing on the network.

I called Salt Fiber tech customer service, and after 30 min of random questions the agent said the infamous line "I'll transfer your case to our specialized tech support, and they'll call you back". Of course, they never did. Or worse, they call your phone, let it ring once and then stop (I can recognize the Salt number). I am starting to get really concerned. This is a service disruption, and a fair cause to cancel my contract, but I am pretty sure the bastards would try to fight.

Anyway, here are my Fiber box readings, in case anyone has a clue about this:
TX: 4.218 dBm
RX: -13.391 dBm
Bias Current: 9.270mA
Voltage: 3.390V
Temp: 67.187C
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