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Re: Jeremy Corbyn refuses to denounce terrorist 'friends' Hamas and Hezbollah

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Hezbollah has only just been banned in the UK. Two days ago it was not banned, and the Tories were happily going along with this state of affairs right up until they changed their mind. Has Hezbollah changed in the past two days? If not, and if it is now deemed anti Semitic to not want Hezbollah to be banned, then surely the Tories are anti Semitic too, or were until two days ago.

Why has Hezbollah been banned? Javed, who is from a Muslim background, is making his bid to be PM by showing his "hardline" credentials. Hence his stance on Shamima and Hezbollah.

The Tory party has lurched to the right since the Brexit vote and is embracing UKIP and far right supporters.

Do you seriously think anti Semitism is a Labour only problem?

Why are we seeing the awful rise in anti Semitism in UK and Europe in the past few years?
Hezbollah's political wing was banned, it's military wing was already banned. The UK just decided to end the laughable distinction.

The rise of Anti-Semitism is due to the spread of the Islamo-Leftist alliance's identity politics. The more Muslims you bring into Europe, the worse it gets. This is all the Left's fault, the Far Right parties have mostly excluded their Anti-Semitic elements, and their growth is pretty low compared to the explosion in the number of immigrants from the Middle East holding those toxic views. Keep up mass migration and you'll drive the entire Jewish population out of Europe!
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