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Hello everyone.

We picked up our 12 week puppy in UK a couple of weeks ago and we are travelling back to Switzerland with him next week. The breeder always feeds her dogs raw food and we have kept to that diet. The dry kibble makes him itch. There is a really good selection of raw food in UK and he has been on these 2 foods, which are especially for puppies.

I live in Weggis so looking for something similar I can pick up either in Luzern, Zug etc or anywhere I can drive to. If it is frozen I can stock up.

He is a German Shepherd and has an umbilical hernia (checked out by the vet and could well heal up by itself) so we try to give him food for sensitive tummies and he eats little and often using a slow bowl.

Grateful for any recommendations (and thanks everyone for their earlier posts on puppy training and recommending the Ruffwear harness.

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