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My spaniel had an umbilical hernia, very small, and the vet never mentioned anything about diet. If it is small, nothing to worry about. Get used to feeling it so you can quickly identify any change.
Personally I’d at least go half kibble, as it’s designed by dog nutritionists and has appropriate amount of veg/ruffage. There are some very high quality ones available (eg Origen).
My dog is 100% kibble (alternate fish and meat based) + cooked chicked, mackeral and warmed hotdog to make it a bit more interesting.

Full barf seems like an enourmous amount of work, and a very high risk of giving him the chf57 per kilo bio-chicken breast from the fridge when you mess up on the preparation.

Also, what about holidays?

Anyway, ask at your local Swiss Shepherd or dog club, they will have it covered.

He looks lovely in black!

And I’m envious of Weggis, which I think is probbaly the best location in CH.
He can get in the water at the slip ramp by Hotel Du Lac or towards the far end at the public park.
If you know anywhere else, let me know!

Also, ticks are brutal here, get the protection sorted assp.
Many thanks.

The breeder used to feed him kibble and raw and she gave us a bag of kibble. However, he started to scratch badly even after a bath and the vet said to leave off the kibble to see it that helped as it was a cheaper kibble with grain. Made such a difference. Once I get back to Switzerland will try to find another brand that might suit him better. He travels well on the raw but throws up the minute the car starts moving with the kibble.

As for doggie swimming in Weggis, the best place is to go past the Lido towards Hertenstein and there is a picnic area with parking as well as toilets (in the summer there is even a mobile food van) and a boat ramp for doggies to get in. Always tons of dogs there
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