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Re: good TV series recomendations..... ?

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Patriot on Amazon Prime.

It's Absurd and Quirky with a capital Q&A. FWIW, a couple of its biggest fans are Kevin Pollak and Penn Jillette.

Rotten Tomatoes description: An intelligence officer takes an undercover assignment in Iran, but PTSD spells, incompetency in the federal government and the challenges of keeping his cover spark an onslaught of debacles that put the mission in danger.

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Just finished the 3rd series of the Good Place.

Very intelligent, very funny. Most reviewers, and I agree with them, say you have to get to the end of the 1st series to really get it, but it is worth doing.

Same writer as did Parks and Recreation.

I think both of these are great. Not watched past mid season two of The Good Place yet though.
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