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Re: Light fittings when leaving apartment?

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He doesnít know what was there first as he bought the light fittings from the previous tenant.
Admittedly we have only lived in two places here but they both had the dangly bulbs and likewise for friends who moved here.
Maybe itís the kind of thing that varies between cantons but in any case I think itís a nice thing to do to leave a few bulbs behind so the new tenants have some light.
Exactly .. Unfortunately I've only lived in two places, both of which had light fittings included

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I'm sure I read a rule somewhere that you needed to leave lamps in the hallways and maybe the kitchen so there was at least some light for the new tenants.

I may be mistaken though.
My contract doesn't say about lights .. but to me, common sense indeed says i'd need to leave some provision for light for the final inspection and for the movers at least .. our hall is pretty dark and one bathroom / shower room would be in complete darkness without something .

I have the regie coming for a pre-check so I'll ask the question .. I'm just really pre-emting the answer of - just leave it as you found it.. Or just stick up something.
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