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Re: Light fittings when leaving apartment?

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He doesnít know what was there first as he bought the light fittings from the previous tenant.
Admittedly we have only lived in two places here but they both had the dangly bulbs and likewise for friends who moved here.
Maybe itís the kind of thing that varies between cantons but in any case I think itís a nice thing to do to leave a few bulbs behind so the new tenants have some light.
Surely it is polite, and as said the paper should mention lamps. If not then he is not obliged to leave lamps, since he accepted the house without any light from the landlord.

Besides all of that it is wisdom to when taking something over ask what originally was there (if any) and if that has to be put back when the next tenant does not want to take things over. I have a box downstairs with stuff that I replaced in the home.
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