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Re: Will Trump be a Good President?

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All of it.

I wonder if you have ever noticed that: many in this thread reflexively complain about Trump being simplistic, petty, reductive in his thinking and then proceed to make simplistic, petty, reductive posts about Trump. Or even worse, copy-paste simplistic, petty, reductive posts made by others on twitter.
This is an affliction all 'Trump threads' are suffering from. There is almost no debate about policies or ideas, just vilification & comments on his (indefensible) personality.
There is a hefty wodge of tweets on this thread by the man himself and/or members of his administration and family.

The guy doesn't need any help being "simplistic, petty and reductive in his thinking". Where do you suggest we find the antithesis of this type of tweet, if this is all too simple and low brow for you?