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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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The joke being of course that in most other EU countries one has to register their residence officially upon arrival even when coming from another member state. The UK (wrongly in my opinion) never adopted this approach.
Isn't it indiscriminate, though? By which, I mean that even the local populations of these EU countries are somehow registered with the local authority or whatever office operates that.

The UK only really has the electoral roll which obviously excludes non-citizens. The British people are pretty resistant to any other kind of ID or registration which would, by happy coincidence, create a register including all residents not just UK-citizens.

I agree with you, don't get me wrong. I think this system in Switzerland, for example, works really well because everyone, regardless of residency status, has to be registered so there's less chance of people slipping off the radar.

I can't see the UK having the resources or funding to take this on, but then again, there are 60+ million to register instead of 8 million in my example of Switzerland.
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