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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

Ah thanks BM for the explanation of FTM's use of English.
A pity you didn't watch the video- there is no political message- just a demonstration of what happens if you try to register, as requested. Simples.

The elderly ladies I know are not against the idea of registering- although when you have been in a country, married to a Brit, for 50+ years, having worked in the UK and paid your taxes and social dues all your life, raised British children and now help with grandchildren- it does feel a bit stupid.

The fact is, expecting the elderly and many with modest income and limited tech knowledge, to use android phones with very specific technology, is just not acceptable- especially as when you have managed to get hold of such expensive tool, it doesn't work.

Here is one granny in Glasgow.

At least she seems fit, and has children who can help. My friend in Leicester, from Paris, has no computer and no computer skills- let alone an android phone. She broke both femurs since her husband died, and has severe osteoporosis and uses a Zimmerframe- and is totally reliant on a few friends for shopping and hospital appointments. Even if she wanted to go back to Paris or Angers, she would not have the strentgh to make the move.

As for cancer, here is just one more confirmation:

The Royal college of Radiologists confirms the government is putting cancer patient's lives at risk as "there will inevitably be delays to cancer treatment as a result of the Brexit process"

Write to Lucy Powell and tell her Brexit is bad for the NHS - we've even made a template letter (feel free to copy and paste if Lucy is not your MP)


It is bad and stressful enough to be diagnosed with cancer- to be told on the same day that they can't guarantee they might not be able to give you the necessary treatment, is beyond stressful.
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