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Re: Info for nurses looking to work in switzerland.

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My 2 cents:
We started the process to get my Wife's USA BSN degree and experience verified by SRK. She then took a year to pass French B2 and 2 years later she got her qualifications verified last week at ISCED level 6 (Bachelor's in Nursing) to work in Switzerland.

I believe that if your education is not at par with Swiss education then they ask you to take extra course and come up to their qualification level; This was not the case for us though and my wife has a Nursing degree from USA. We still live in US and palling to start looking for a job in CH soon.

Hope this helps... Good luck everyone
If you know of a good place to start searching jobs, please let me know. We already have a French resume and application letter with picture and positing CV on, jobmas, indeed etc.
This is indeed good news, and may give hope to the many users that have posted on this thread. Sounds like it was quite a long process! May I ask, is it the full nursing qualification, or the CNA-type qualification as mentioned in posts above?

Do either of you have Swiss or EU citizenship in addition to American? I ask because it seems like a lot of work to go through the qualification process to "hopefully" get a job here. Even if her qualifications have been recognized, if she's not a Swiss or EU citizen the employer would have to go through the non-EU hiring process. Given that there's a shortage of qualified nurses and doctors that shouldn't be too tough, but some employers might not be familiar with the process.

As for where to start looking, since she speaks French you'll want to mostly search in the French-speaking areas. CHUV is the hospital I hear about most on this Forum. It's in Lausanne. Maybe check their jobs board?

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Very informative, thank you for sharing with everyone. You mentioned that you still live in USA. Does it mean that your wife was able to start and complete the evaluation without a residense permit?
That's another of my questions. A number of people who have posted above found they could not get a full recognition without a residence permit already in hand. If it is indeed possible to do this without Swiss/EU citizenship AND without a residence permit, it is reason for celebration!!
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