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Getting a car in Switzerland has just become easy

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Léa Miggiano is co-founder of Carvolution. Offering car subscriptions, she and her company make life easier for expats. Here is how it works: You choose your car online, get it delivered to your home address or workplace and pay a fixed monthly price that covers all costs except petrol. You can simply change your car, return it or keep it as long as you like. No more hassle with paperwork or tyre change.

1. Full flexibility
You don’t know how long you are going to stay in Switzerland or how well your family will get along with the new situation? With Carvolution, you stay flexible. After a minimum period of three months, you can return your car at any time with 30 days notice, change it for another vehicle or keep it as long as you like.

2. One price and no hassle
Registration, taxes, insurance, maintenance, tyres, services and much more are included in the monthly flat rate. You don’t have to worry about anything other than petrol and a parking space. Of course, Carvolution also takes care of all the work to do with your car - they even change the tyres for you.

3. Full cost transparency and control
Compared to leasing or buying a car, a car subscription allows you to know exactly what your car costs you each month. A car subscription combines all the benefits of a car lease, but without fixed contract durations or sticking to the same vehicle all along. Mobility has never been easier.

Please contact Léa and her team for more information or an individual offer and benefit from a CHF 390.- discount on your car subscription.

Carvolution AG
Léa Miggiano
Neufeldweg 2
CH- 4913 Bannwil
Phone: +41 62 531 25 25
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