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Re: What would you do in situation like this?

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This happened on the parking lot of a supermarket in France, near Swiss border. I came back to the parking with a trolley, opened the trunk and starting loading things in. At the same time the guy on the opposite side of the isle started pulling out. Apparently the isle was not wide enough for him to turn comfortably, and my trolley made it 1/2 meter narrower. He rolled the window down and yelled something apparently asking me to move on. My French is limited so I did not exactly understand what he said, but it was pretty unfriendly. I did my best to explain with a gesture and a smile that I need just one more second and will be gone. Apparently he did not want to wait and just backed off right into my trolley, pressing the trolley against my car, scratching my car as well as his own. I was lucky not to get hurt. After that he just drove off. I was stunned - how many times in my life did I drive from a supermarket parking? Never a problem. I always waited when necessary, and other people waited for me. Also the guy did not look dangerous - older couple, battered CitroŽn minivan. The guy looked like a typical chubby retired car factory worker, his accent seemed Spanish or Latin-american. WTF? What is in those people's heads? Why are they so aggressive? What would you do in a situation like this?
PS: surroundings of Mullhouse just across the border from Basel is not a nice place, full of aggressive white trash. It's not the first time I face problems there, but for the first time it was dangerous.
People with shopping trolleys are sometimes so damned arrogat. Its like they are saying " get out of my way i'm coming through!"
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