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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

With Theresa May still banging her head against the Irish backstop brick wall & a no deal Brexit
looming ever larger with only 20 days to go.
It's time for British Expats to reminisce of days of yore, when Britain were last outside
the EU, the EEC or as it was back then, The Common Market and where better than with
a Clarkson's package holiday to Spain in 1970.

Where are Clarkson's now ? - the company collapsed in August 1974.

So be sure to have your dark blue British passports to hand, British driving license accompanied
by the requisite International driving permit applicable for the continent and for those bringing
their own cars on holiday; that all important Green card in the glove compartment.

So lets break out the news reels and have Mary Hopkins, singing Those were the days my
friend and indulge in unrequited nostalgia that Brexit loves to resurrect for us again !!

Clarkson's package holidays to Spain 1970

Mary Hopkins sings - Those were the Days my Friend
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