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Re: Ku Klux Klan in Kanton Schwyz

Oh my, didn't think I'd have to explain - the rise of fascism in so many guises in Europe- and people kept quiet ...
Well, opening your mouth was rather dangerous. And no people did not all keep quit however people also had kids to raise among other things that did no go well with speaking out against the right winged factions in those days.

And yes a lot of people did also agree with them since it was the right winged factions that actually would create jobs for example, not something to be expected from the communist factions to which the middle had no answers but it was known from other countries what was to be expected from that side of the political spectrum.

Hitler did not come to power since everybody agreed with all he said, Hitler came to power due to a propaganda machine which was unknown till that time, and he also provided solutions for real existing problems in the Germany of that time. And besides all of that, he had an personal appeal which was huge and can easily be compared to huge rockstars of these modern days, people did see a strong man who understood them, he knew their problems and above all who came up with solutions to their problems. By the time his true intentions come to be known widely it simply was to late to open up your mouth.

Judging when looking back is so easy if you don't look at the full picture.
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