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Most positions that are advertised get quite a few applications (sometimes hundreds) and in coming to their shortlist, even qualified candidates can be turned down without an interview. I wouldn't take it personally, and don't get too discouraged if it happens more often than you're used to.

The other thing about Switzerland, at least in my experience, is that the process moves exceptionally slowly compared to other places. You can count on several rounds of interviews (I had 13 different interviews for my first position in Switzerland) and the time from sending in an application to having a signed employment contract in your hand can easily be six months. Then, having made you wait six months, they'll want you to start ASAP.
True that they take lot of time.

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It could be that they are not really looking but just going through the process in that eternal search for that one perfect candidate of their dreams. Keep in mind the Swiss can be rather conservative, even in this day and age. Partly because their own jobs may be on the line if they get the wrong guy in. So they much rather, play it safe, not get a project done and say no ideal candidate could be found. Then again there are companies that just advertise to present a good image to potential customers and investors and if top gun should happen to come along then he or she just might have a chance. So don't fret it. Hang in there and learn some German. Can only help!
Sure, I am planning to learn German

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OP, first, do not be discouraged. 2 interviews out of 30 applications are not bad at all. People send 100 applications without getting a single interview.

Secondly, your question about not getting technical questions: I experienced this maybe in half of the interviews I have done and I am bewildered as well. Interestingly, whenever I had such an interview, I never got the job In such an interview I would make sure I come across confident but not overly-confident. State what you have done so far in a confident manner but be truthful about what you don't know.

If you had a career break because of your child and get questions abou that be concise and say you are eager to get back to work.

I find that it is difficult to get your first job in CH. Being from India, a woman and a mother are further disadvantages. Some might deny it but this is the truth but there are people out there who will hire us

Be patient, brush up on technical knowledge and don't be discouraged.

Good luck.
Thank you so much kedi. I will keep trying

I have flunked the interview which I have mentioned in the original post. Thank you everyone for the nice words. I am going to keep trying.

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