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Re: British citizen in Switzerland - marriage abroad - documents

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There is nothing said here about a Certificate of no impediment. However every Mexican State (like every U.S. one) has its own requirements.

Many years ago when I crossed into Ciudad Juárez with my then fiancée (back then it was quite safe) there were touts offering divorces ... or quickie marriages. But I note that if one is marrying a Mexican citizen things are different.

My own experience (i.e. by British friends) relates to a Protestant wedding in Denmark and a Jewish wedding in England (under the Jewish provisions of the Marriage Act 1949: the documentation in by the synagogue not the Register Office). In both cases as you said there was a waiting period. In the first case a document was issued valid in Denmark, in the second a licence valid for the synagogue with a check by an authorised (i.e. trained) Registrar for valid marriage visa. But nobody asked for evidence that the couple had actually been in England for 9 days though the entry stamp on the visa might have mattered.
Thanks for your reply.

When I called the UK Register office they said they would need evidence, but I don't know if they follow up on that requirement. The only evidence I would have would anyway be my flight ticket and boarding pass, since I'm a UK citizen...
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