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Re: British citizen in Switzerland - marriage abroad - documents

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Can I suggest you look at the details on line of whatever Council in UK you would be looking to acquire this document to see what is required and how you may be able to supply whatever.

I believe what you need to look up is 'Give Notice of Marriage' in the Births, deaths & Marriage and Civil Partnership section

From memory I had to make appointment, approximately 2 weeks in advance, i.e. first available.

By chance my OH was in UK at the time of that appointment and came with me, though not sure if it was necessary. Supplied whatever documents and paid money.

Document then put in a Lever Arch file and anyone could come in and view for X amount of days (I remember wondering what a disappointment for wedding supply sellers, photographers etc). About a decade ago, so maybe changed, possible now viewable online.

Later (some days later or a couple of weeks) went back alone with receipt and picked up document.

As marriage outside of UK I also needed to get the 'Apostille' thingy for that country of marriage.

I believe I made a trip to a Government office about 10 / 15 minutes' walk from Welwyn Garden City for the Apostille. Cost ca 3035 per document. Took about 15 minutes waiting. Think they have to look up the signature on the document is listed with their files and matches their specimen signature.

It can be done on line or through a company.
Thanks a lot for your help.

I called the council that was my local one when I was growing up (my mother is still there and I visit often). They said that it doesn't matter which council register office I go to, as long as I've been in the UK for 9 days prior to requesting the document.

I can then go and pick it up after 30 days (I guess they advertise the marriage during this time).

I'm just trying to find an easier way than going back for 9 days (I'll be going back a few times, but not planned for 9 days...).

The apostille document I haven't heard of - from the UK website I don't see it as a requirement for marriage in Mexico.

Thanks again
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