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Re: Give them back their lives [politicization of young people]

Whatever teachers do is going to stick in someone's craw though, isn't it?

Shielding kids from all political views will be labelled as "snowflake" teaching. Equally, teaching them that everything is harmonious and everyone's opinion is a rainbow and valuable to society will be seen as leftie inclusive guff, just the same as denouncing either side's political views will be seen as "politicising" or "radicalising".

Your Belgium example is more likely to put kids off than indoctrinate them. It's like forcing kids to go to church for brainwashing. Normally turns 'em right off.
And what is it called if schools/teachers force one specific way of thinking up to the kids?

School should educate about the issue based on facts, they should teach the kids how the environment works and what things influence it, but also that if we want things to chance what the effects of such change can be amongst towards for example our financials. And if schools after such lessons say "those that want to participate in the demonstration with not be seen as class skippers" that is all fine by me. Forcing kids to participate tells me all about how the school is forcing their political point of view upon the kids. But what else to expect from a country where kids from public schools are forced to kneel in mosques.

Also those demo's also are one huge joke, afterwards the street is littered with piles of McDonalds packages.
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