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Re: Therapy needed for depression/anxiety

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Actually the world of Drs. is getting competitive and so it should be. A number of years ago I was at a conference and was speaking to a Dr. Professor at a neurology university. She told me that all that the students think about is the money will be making.

My Swiss wife reads Beobachter and there are many stories of people not getting the help from the Drs they should be getting.

Also stories of dentists doing work that is not neccessary.

Also coaches that are doing some pretty bad work.

You need to question and do your research. I tell my clients to question me.
Doctors and dentists are regulated. Quacks not so much, so any dodgy unnecessaries by a doc or dentist are much easier to uncover than the ‘Dr Not-doctor’ types.

Anyone who professes to know what a whole group of people are thinking all the time like your ‘Dr Professor’ at the conference usually sets off alarm bells for me. But I have a naturally twitchy antennae.
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