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Re: Give them back their lives [politicization of young people]

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And while I write this I realize I took Edwin's word for this (not my usual strategy) - is there a link to support this statement? (Yes I'll go look for it myself as well).......
Not found evidence. On the contrary, some schools/governements threatened the kids with consequences should they skip school. It was German kids who thanked the governement for doing so as it made more kids take part (good to see some things don't change).
Kids with a permission of their parents are allowed to skip school in Belgium to join the demonstrations. Nowhere it said, the kids are forced to take part by the schools.

So Edwin, time for you to back up your claim!

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How do you feel about compulsory education in general?
Funny thing to ask, didn't expect that from you.
1+1 is 2 and xx is the political opinion you must have. (Those were the days .... )

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Also, those kids are on smart phones given to them by adults. Produced by adults. Marketed to them by adults, using any and all manner of psychological tricks to get them hooked.
Yep, we always read about parents suffering that their children refuse to accept the latest toys. We never read about parents lamenting that they don't have the finances to fulfill their childrens demands for the latest gadgets and fashion.
These modest kids are totally being corrupted by their parents.

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I've never heard a child talking about all the new features on the latest iPhone version- that's something I've only ever seen here on EF..
Seriously? LOL. Where do you live?
It's the 11 year olds who explain the newest features to us nowadays. Which is perfectly okay with me as in this century I guess that is part of general knowledge.
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