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Re: Give them back their lives [politicization of young people]

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The fundamental issue however remains:
Reducing our footprints means a severe reduction of standards of living. No longer a new iPhone every other year, new clothes with every other season, holiday trips across the globe, rooms heated to 22C, commuting 50-100km every day, one car or more per household, food transported across the globe, etc. Everybody agrees it would be a good thing, until it's their turn to action. NIMBY, effectively.
That's not so difficult to achieve, though. I can tick pretty much all of that stuff off and don't even feel it's much of a chore.

I don't really do anything special to achieve this, so I imagine many people are in the same boat. I don't commute 50-100KM but I either take public transport, walk or bike it depending on global warming that day.

We tend to eat local and in-season produce, although not 100% (we eat bananas, for example). Heating is only up to 21C. Holiday in Switzerland or just over the border. Current clothes are *cough* coming back into fashion again.

We're no eco-warriors, just a bit careful.
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